Request: Cleaning products
Agents: Acids, Wettening agents, Complexe builders
Product Type: Highly concentrated (for commercial use only)
Duration: 4 Years


Cleaner for drinking water collection devices/tanks

Abson Clean TW has been specially developed for cleaning and maintaining drinking water facilities such as containers, wells, filters, piping systems, water treatment facilities, etc.
Pure organic and inorganic chemical acids contained in Abson Clean TW, with biodegradable inhibitors and wetting agents, are excellent for removing accumulations of algae, iron, lime, manganese, ferrous ochre, etc.

The application is done with a low pressure sprayer. Once its effect has been taken, the detached impurities are simply cleaned by high pressure. Once neutralized, wastewater may be transported to the sewage system.

Abson Clean TW is preferably used to:

  • Cleaning drinking water tanks/installations